Duke Utility of the Future Architecture

Conference: Smart Metering West Coast
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
Presenters: Matthew Smith and Bob Warden
Abstract: Presented by Matthew Smith and Bob Warden at Smart Metering West Coast

Duke Energy, NC

Duke Energy is seeking to transform their system of delivery and usage of energy for Duke Energy and their customers into a networked, real time, intelligent energy infrastructure capable of optimizing the generation, delivery and consumption of energy.  This is referred to as the Utility of the Future project.

It is enabled by technology such as internet protocol (IP) enabled meters capable of two-way communication, a broadband communication system linking meters and other IP capable devices on the distribution grid, and a data management system. Duke Energy is seeking to implement a smart grid, not just AMR or AMI, using an architecture leveraging IT and networking standards to connect intelligent meters and devices to enable utility applications. 

Echelon’s NES system is an example of the type of solution where their smart meter capabilities and networked approach align with our Utility of the Future smart grid architecture and NES connects easily with Duke Energy’s planned BPL and wireless TCP/IP based networks using Ethernet. The NES system, which is being used in the initial Utility of the Future field pilot, will help Duke Energy obtain information from equipment in various locations representing a variety of geographies, power system characteristics and regulatory environments that will be used to help design our system wide Utility of the Future implementation.