Energy Meter Testing Requirements in Accredited Laboratory


Conference: Metering, Billing/CRM India
Location: Mumbai, India
Presenter: Pradeep Gujrati
Abstract: Presented by Pradeep Gujrati at Metering, Billing/CRM India

Considerable developments in Metrology have led to the availability of high precision energy meters and Static Reference Standards.  They register the energy consumed by consumers upon which the consumer is charged.  Any fault in registering the energy can lead to a loss either to the consumer or to the supplier of electricity.  With the price of electricity increasing, the energy meter, assumes great importance.  There is thus stringent requirement of establishment of full-fledged Calibration & Testing Laboratory with standards confirming to the state of art technology.

CEA Guideline 2006 does emphasize that energy meters need to be calibrated / tested in accredited laboratory.

Calibration & Testing laboratory shall monitor all the reference conditions in lab and shall maintain various standards & test facilities to check the compliance of Static Energy Meter.  In what follows, details of such requirements in Calibration & Testing Laboratories.