Energy Meter with IrDA (Infrared) port


Conference: World Meter Design Congress
Location: San Jose, CA, USA
Presenter: Vineet Kumar
Abstract: Presented by Vineet Kumar at World Meter Design Congress

The humble meter is evolving fast. Once a device that simply provided the information to bill a customer, it has been transformed – by competition and by its crucial role in the market into a key component of energy market infrastructure, and more particularly, to a meter having an Infrared Data Association (IrDA) port.

The need for CO2 reductions in response to the threat of climate change is compelling governments to raise customers’ awareness of energy use. Faced with the raising energy demands of fast growing economies such as India, western nations in particular are concerned about predicting future energy shortages. With fears over security of supply stoked by recent events, governments want to be more self-sufficient in energy.