Es su red lo suficientemente inteligente como para manejar los requerimientos de sus nietos?


Conferência: Metering Central America & Caribbean
Local: Medellin, Colombia
Palestrante: Oscar Domínguez
Artigo: Apresentado por Oscar Domínguez na Metering Central America & Caribbean

Utilities in Latin America are facing the option to either survive this crisis with an antiquated electricity grid and no investment or to take the opportunity to create change and get ready for the future and a return to high energy prices.  Although there is no real definition of what a smart grid, it may include one or several of the following terms: SCADA, AMI, HAN, Distribution Automation, Demand Response, CTP, RTP, TOU,  and more.  This presentation will discuss  what makes a grid being "smart" and what are some of the successful and proven methods to start a smart grid program based on AMI.