Extending the value of MDM


Conference: Smart Metering West Coast
Location: Los Angeles, CA, U.S.A
Presenter: Layne Nelson
Abstract: Presented by Layne Nelson at Smart Metering West Coast

Solutions for Meter Data Management

Layne Nelson, Oracle Corporation, Houston Texas

This presentation will address the following Meter Data Management topics:

What is Meter Data Management (MDM)?
A high level overview is provided describing roles and functions of Meter Data Management solutions. 

Market Trends
The presentation will discuss AMI and MDM trends we are seeing in the market place.

Components of an effective Meter Data Management (MDM) Solution
Components of an MDM solution are discussed. 

  • Meter Data Collection
  • Validation, Estimation and Editing
  • Revenue Protection Monitoring
  • Exception Management
  • Interfaces
  • Aggregations
  • Reports
  • Auditing

Proven Solutions
We will discuss key selection criteria when evaluating solutions.