Financing public water and wastewater systems


Conference: Smart Metering West Coast 2006
Location: San Fransisco
Presenter: Robert Doty
Abstract:Presented by Robert Doty at Smart Metering West Coast 2006. This presentation discusses mechanisms for financing public water and wastewater systems, including the forms of instruments (bonds, notes, and certificated leases and installment purchase agreements), terms (such as rate covenants, maturities and prepayment provisions), security backing (revenues and taxes), management issues (such as experience, education and professional certifications), and other issues critical to investors (such as billing, collection, and enforceability).
Metering systems can play an important role in enhancing water and wastewater system financing through improved monitoring and measurement of use, and assistance in collection and enforcement activities (for example, facilitating disconnection of nonpayors).
For additional information regarding potential financing for public systems in China, see