Franco Pucci


Name: Franco Pucci
Position: Director
Country: South Africa
Company: STS Association

Franco Pucci is the Engineering Director on the management board of Conlog.

His portfolios include product development, industrialisation, and Intellectual Property management. He is responsible for the overall technical strategy of the company. He is also one of the Directors
of The Standard Transfer Specification Association.

After graduating from the University of Natal with a Bachelor of Science (Electrical & Electronic Engineering) in 1980, he proceeded to complete a Pr. Eng. in 1983 and an MBA through the University of Wales Business School in 1998.

Franco has worked at Merlin Gerin t/a Conlog since 1980, in the capacity of Systems/ Projects Engineer (1980 – 86), Automotive Engineering Manager (198696) and Engineering Divisional Manager (1996 to present).

He has been involved in the technical aspects of the prepayment metering business for 10 years, with 22 years experience in product development, and 16 years management experience.