Full Retail Competition in New Zealand – Issues and Developments


Conference: Metering, Billing, CRM/CIS Australia and New Zealand 2005.
Location: Melbourne
Presenter: Robert Reilly
Abstract: The impact of competition on customer switching and energy trading is illustrated as is the level of market share change in networks over the period from 1999 to 2004.   It shows that around 10% of installations switch retailer each year and approximately 30% of energy is traded by non-incumbent retailers. There is competition on every network but the level varies.

The current retail electricity market has matured in many respects and the government is looking to the Electricity Commission to facilitate competition, encourage electricity efficiency and set up arrangements for the protection of consumers.

The paper sets out to illustrate the importance of metering and load control systems for achieving some of the governments objectives and presents the issues that have to be tackled to enable investment in “smart metering” systems.  And there is some illustration of how the reconciliation and profiling systems have developed and the work being done to make them more effective.