How to get the most from advanced metering data


Conference:  Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America 2006
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Presenter: Linda Jackman
Abstract: Presented by Linda Jackman at Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America 2006.
The cost of the technology behind utility meters has dropped dramatically in the past five years. And metering has assumed a more prominent role in programs like Demand/Response that can help reduce the capital needed to build new generation and transmission. As a result, many utilities are evaluating proposals to implement "smart" or advanced meters not just for commercial and industrial customers but also for residential consumers.
But how do you ensure that advanced metering results in real customer benefits? The answer depends not just on the data you collect but also on where you process that data, what is transmitted from the meter,  how you handle and store metering data internally, and how you make the data available across the enterprise. In other words, meter data management is just as or more important to success than are the meters themselves.
This presentation points out the costs and benefits of different approaches to advanced metering systems. It points to the advantages you can obtain by keeping the "smartness" in a "smart metering system" close to the central applications that will make the most use of it, such a billing, customer care, outage management, and mobile workforce management. And it discusses ways you can approach the Metering Revolution incrementally, with cost-justification at each step.