How to install remote metering and submetering in condominiums


Conference:  Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America 2006
Location: Rio de Janeiro
Presenter: Ferdinando Antônio Guerra
Abstract: Presented by Ferdinando Antônio Guerra at Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America 2006. In this paper he will look at:

 Present Situation of the individualized measurement in condominiums. 
 Which are the phases of to individual process and how to the exceed-them. 
 The battle due the culture of the waste from Macro point of view.
 Numbers of the sector: how many states of Brazil already have legislation? 
 Examples of consumers with measurement individualized and remote
 New Buildings / old
 Relationship and exchange with:

• Administrative of condominiums. 
• Inhabitants of housing condominiums. 
• Concessionaires of water and sanitation. 
• Governmental authorities and regulating agencies. 
• Specialized companies in service. 
• Hydrometer manufacturers and equipment. 
• Architects and designers. 
• Builders

 Rules and Legislation and
 How works the development of measurement products;
 Main benefits for the condominiums. 
 Main doubts of the condo owners. 
 Advantages and  disadvantages for:
• The Condominium
• The condo owner
• The Utilities
• The Environment.