Integrating the concepts of gridWise, IntelliGrid, OpenAMI and California advanced metering


Conference: Smart Metering West Coast 2006
Location: San Fransisco
Presenter: Kevin Wood
Abstract:Presented by Kevin Wood at Smart Metering West Coast 2006. In this paper Wood looks at integrating the concepts of gridWise, IntelligGrid, OpenAMI and California advanced metering requirements

As Utilities develop AMI designs to achieve their goals, it is critical to balance the desire to adopt AMI technologies to support well defined needs and requirements today while allowing for flexibility for tomorrow’s uses in a secure system. The more technical issues and design principals, such as, Serviceability, Interoperability and Security should be discussed at a national level to avoid the potential for a highly fragmented market based on different regulatory requirements.

  • Addressing today’s opportunities while allowing for flexibility and future uses
  • Customer and Utility System benefits from an intelligent grid perspective
  • Serviceability, Interoperability and Security