Intelligence for the consumer energy management infrastructure

Conference: World Meter Design Congress
Location: San Jose, CA, USA
Presenter: Gerard Nanninga
Abstract: Presented by Gerard Nanninga at World Meter Design Congress

Content of presentation:

  • Consumer related energy issues, as energy awareness, peak shaving, dynamically differentiated tariffs, load management contracted level, delivery back to the grid and code red situations: how do we translate this to the ‘ordinary user’ environment ?
  • Smart meters complying to NTA 8130 standard
  • Gateways, networked control technology, and user interfaces needed to enable household-appliances to behave ‘energy smart’, i.e. to provide them with advanced energy management functionality, whilst maintaining very user-friendly user-interfaces
  • Road map to the future: 1) on-switching per appliance, 2) scripting (total load profile on daily basis) with simple scheduling and 3) Smart Apliances it using advanced, energy-cost driven scheduling
  • the infrastructure as used in a practical research and demonstrator project of Hanze University, Groningen, the Netherlands and a number of international commercial partners. The project was awarded with the European Utility Award, October 2007 in Vienna (Google: utility award hanze university)
  • How to come to standardized Energy Management Protocol for consumer appliances in which appliances ask for energy before using it