Linking MV-LV for a full SCADA metering system


Conference: Metering, Billing, CRM/CIS Europe 2005.
Location: Barcelona
Presenter: Antonio Hidalgo
Abstract: In this presentation Antonio Hidalgo discusses the following topics: Deregulation in energy market is pushing MV network automation and AMR data collection with the aim to improve both network operations and customer service; In Europe, two-way AMR systems based on PLC over LV lines are the preferred solution, large deployments and continuous roll-out are a reality; From many years ago, low bit-rate PLC solutions are available to
support basic telecontrol on MV distribution networks; Can we provide a solution to meet the requirements and needs of a modern DA/DSM system combining both SCADA and metering functions on a single communication platform based on PLC over MV distribution networks ?; Reducing operating costs to a minimum; Giving the utility full control of the system.