Meter reading integration and multi utility billing


Conference: Metering, Billing, CRM/CIS Australia and New Zealand 2005.
Location: Melbourne
Presenter: David Glavas
Abstract: In summary ActewAGL pushed ahead to integrate gas reading with electricity and water meter reading because:We have the decision making power via organisation structure – Without the JV, the decision making power to effect the integration of meter reading does not exist. It is only because of the JV and organisation structure that makes this possible, the decision to push the project forward existed under a single General Manager NetworksMinimal up front costs – No capital injected by ActewAGL, only staff time on the project and legal costs in establishing a single contract. Our contractor has an IT solution, Customers are not adverse to it – This is the other most significant aspect, if customers would be worse off, literally, the pavement from under our feet would surely have been pulled. We can reduce our operational cost.

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