Meter Testing-A simple word but deeper impact


Conference: Metering, Billing/CRM India
Location: New Delhi, India
Presenter: Yogesh Nama
Abstract: Presented by Yogesh Nama at Metering, Billing/CRM India

When the word “meter testing” popup anywhere in the metering community, most of the time this issue is taken quite lightly. Despite that, this activity plays very significant role in the consumer satisfaction, revenue protection, quality control, compliance with regulatory requirements and image building.
Complexities of the modern meters which includes the several parameter measurement & recording at the same time, power quality related measurements, communication technique and additional functionalities related to billing & tariff etc has increased the importance of meter testing while manufacturing, accepting or testing at site.

The poor quality meters which are available plenty today in the market, has increased the role & responsibility of meter testing division many folds, to ensure that basic energy measurement are done properly at least.

This paper is based on the survey conducted by the author and covers the following aspects of meter testing.

  • Meter testing practices around the world ; who, when, why & how
  • Scenario of applicable standard for meter testing & Test equipments. The development at the standard level around the world
  • New findings:- Error in energy measurement
  • New trends in meter testing
  • Value addition by meter testing

Indeed meters are being tested worldwide at several places. If we evaluate the meter testing at utility end then most of the works are having either to comply with regulatory requirements or to solve the customer complains some time. For example in India; the meter testing gained momentum after making it compulsory by the regulatory commissions.

The meter testing can do significant value addition; it is a matter of proper & systematic integration of this activity into the whole energy distribution management activity.