Metering, Billing/CIS America: Conference Program 2007

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Metering, Billing/CIS America, 2007
 Program at a glance.

 Wednesday May 9, 2007
Pre-conference seminars and training

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Metering Mexico
Pre-conference seminar

Metering America
Pre-conference seminar

Metering Mexico 

Smart metering large scale

 Thursday May 10, 2007 – Conference 

General opening session: The new why?

Metering America 

Metering America 

Billing/CIS America 

The customer: AMI and the customer 

Doing it: North American updates

Decisions: Leveraging the CIS and AMI world

Decisions: Communications technology update

Doing it: International updates

The customer: Meter to cash 

Friday May 11, 2007 – Conference

Metering America 

Metering America

Billing/CIS America 

Decisions: Meter technology

Doing it: Case studies

Data: MDM

Decisions: Designing new systems

Data: Analytics

Doing it: Best practices

General Closing Session: Smart home and smart grid issues – the future