Metering, Billing/CRM Caribbean: Conference Program 2010


Metering, Billing/CRM Caribbean

November 29 – December 1, 2010

Pre-Conference Workshops

Monday, November 29, 2010

Workshop 1: SMART GRIDS
This session will address the needs and requirements of Smart Grids and Energy Management Systems in the Caribbean. This is an interactive session!
Session 0.1.1

Examining the feasibility study and project design for Smart Grids – Energy Management System
Workshop leader: Miguel Hernandez, Partner, Mercados EMI, Spain

09h00 – 10h00

  • Examining the traditional sources of benefits for Smart Grid Projects
  • Determining the key steps for project design and implementation of smart grid technology
  • Identifying the cost drivers for upgrading or using existing technologies
  • Exploring some case study examples of Smart Grids in the Caribbean
Session 0.2.1

Optimizing Smart and integrated transportation in a regulated utility
Workshop leader: José Antonio Vanderhorst-Silverio, Systemic Consultant: Electricity, Grupo Millennium Hispaniola, Dominican Republic

10h00 – 11h00

  • Exploring the regulatory challenges associated with Smart Grids
  • Determining the least cost expansion route
  • Driving the business case for distribution automation
  • Exploring generation demand and security constraints
  • Determining how to integrate renewable energy into the Smart Grid
  • Developing new cost and pricing models taking into account investment in new infrastructure
Session 0.3.1

Exploring the business case for Smart Grids in the Dominican Republic
Workshop leader: José Leonardo Mariñas, Vice President, IBS, Dominican Republic

11h30 – 12h30

  • Providing insight into the electricity network in RD
  • Exploring the technologies available and which one would be most appropriate
  • Examining the scope of the solution
  • Discussing conclusions and recommendations
This half day pre-conference session will address how to optimizing meter data management. It will also include an in-depth learning experience on revenue assurance and loss reduction.
Session 0.4.1

Optimizing Meter Data Management (MDM)
Workshop leader: Andy Zetlan, Vice President of Product Management, Aclara, USA

14h00 – 15h30

  • What is an MDM and how does it fit into your enterprise
  • Building a business case for MDM – business and technical drivers
  • Examining the core functions of MDM
  • Getting value from MDM : revenue protection, transformer loading, forecasting
  • The process for selecting a MDM system
Session 0.5.1

Revenue Assurance – Solving your Problems using an MDM
Workshop leader: Andy Zetlan, Vice President of Product Management, Aclara, USA

16h00 – 17h30

  • Benefits of AMI rollout to perform theft detection and reduce meter tampering
  • Utilizing an MDM system to resolve revenue assurance issues
  • How to calculate and  capture lost revenue more accurately

Conference Program Day 1

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Session 1.1.1

Opening session
Chairman and moderator: Pedro Antmann, Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank USA

09h05 – 09h30

Speed networking
Set up like speed dating, benefit from 30 minutes of speed networking – it’s a great opportunity for you to meet the key industry decision makers in attendance at this event. As you move around the room, you’ll have just one minute per person to meet, exchange business cards and set up meetings with your new contacts.

09h30 – 10h00

Keynote address: Introducing the Dominican Republic’s AMI Strategy
Celso Marranzini, Vice President, CDEEE, Dominican Republic

10h00 – 10h30

Exploring the energy sector in the Dominican Republic
Enrique Ramirez, President, Comisión Nacional de Energía, Dominican Republic

10h30 – 11h30

Opening Panel Discussion: Exploring the current metering, billing & CRM challenges faced by electricity utilities in the Caribbean
It is time to upgrade traditional electro-mechanical meters but in some cases utilities have to make do with what they have. This session will look at the current challenges and solutions that electricity companies in the Caribbean are developing to optimize metering, billing and CRM in the current environment as well as look at technical roadmaps for upgrading.


  • Celso Marranzini, Vice President, CDEEE, Dominican Republic
  • Sergio Miranda, Pacific Area Director, Elo Sistemas Eletrônicos, Brazil
  • Ramón Montero, Executive Director, Instituto de Energía del Caribe, Dominican Republic
Session 1.2.1

Getting started with AMI
Moderator: Ramón Montero Executive Director, Instituto de Energía del Caribe, Dominican Republic

12h00 – 12h30

Understanding how to meet the technical and economic requirements for World Bank Funding in your AMI deployment
Pedro Antmann, Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank USA

12h30 – 13h00

How smart are smart meters?
Oscar Dominguez, System Solutions Manager Latin America and Caribbean, Elster Solutions, USA

Session 1.3.1

AMI Business Case Development/Feasibility Study
Moderator: Juan José Ccarhuarupay Major Clients Manager, Edenorte, Dominican Republic

14h30 – 15h00

Understanding how Comisión Federal de Electricidad de México effectively implemented Smart Meters
Rafael Mateu Lazcano, Gerente de Servicio al Cliente e Ingeniería, Comisión Federal de Electricidad, México

15h00 – 15h30

Case study: Building a smart grid project integrating AMI, automation and operation
Ricardo Van Erven, Technology Director, AES Eletropaulo, Brazil

15h30 – 16h00

The business case for the rollout of AMI at Electrica Guayaquil
Oscar Armijos, Managing Director, Electica Guayaquil

16h00 – 16h30

Understanding how JPSCO decided to develop enclosure type meters to reduce losses in some of its most challenging areas
Norman Titus, Metering Manager, JSPCO, Jamaica

Conference Program Day 2

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Session 2.1.1

Exploring the synergies between AMI and prepayment
Chairman: Edwin Guerra, Managing Director Smart Energy, Landis+Gyr, Dominican Republic 

09h00 – 09h30

Developing strategies to overcome the challenge of technical and non- technical losses at the level of distribution: Prepaid AMI
Luís Rodriguez, Director of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Dominican Republic

09h30 – 10h00

Optimizing AMI and prepaid to radically reduce electricity theft in the Caribbean
Brent Hughes, Senior Consultant, WIPRO, Canada

Presentation not available on request of speaker

10h00 – 10h30

Case study: How do you create a prepaid metering infrastructure that is user friendly?
Nathaniel George, Commercial Manager, Dominica Electricity Services, Dominica

Session 2.2.1

Optimizing customer relationship management through prepaid and post-billing
Chairman: Ricardo Kirschner, Commercial Director, IUSA

11h00 – 11h30

Getting optimum results via a combined approach of AMI and Revenue Intelligence
Rui Mano, Director, Choice Technologies Brazil

11h30 – 12h00

Integrated management for losses and distribution – reducing losses from 24% to 7%
Miguel Muñiz, Elster, Dominican Republic

12h00 – 12h30

Optimizing smart metering to dramatically improve control over losses
Vitaly Luban, Founder, Senior Designer North Star Network
Mao T. Wang Founder North Star Networks Latin America

Presentation not yet available. For further queries contact Kim Jansen.

Session 2.3.1

Streamlining business processes with smart meters
It’s all about data: communication, management and integration

Chairman:Rafael Cueto Stefani, Independent Consultant, Dominican Republic

13h30 – 14h00

Management of Electricity Consumers
Sergio Miranda, Pacific Area Director, Elo Sistemas Eletrônicos, Brazil

14h30 – 15h00

Reaping the benefits of smart meters: getting your meter data under control
Dulio Maita, Regional Consulting Director, Oracle, USA

15h00 – 15h30

Enabling the Smart Grid real-time enterprise infrastructure beyond AMI’s Meter to Cash
Kevin Walsh, Business Development T&D, OSISoft

Session 2.4.1

Closing panel
Chairman: Dulio Maita, Regional Consulting Director, Oracle, US

16h00 – 16h20

Exploring alternative approaches to energy generation
Roger M. Slotkin, CEO, OneWorld Energy

16h00 – 17h00

Panel discussion: Understanding how SMART Energy initiatives can create new revenue streams
Exploring and examining the range of Smart Energy projects being piloted and developed in the Caribbean. These include Smart Grids, Smart Homes, Security Projects, Renewable Energy and more. Benchmark your Smart Energy strategy with those of your peers in the Caribbean.


  • Oscar Armijos, General Manager, Electricidad Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Roger M. Slotkin, CEO, OneWorld Energy, US
  • Ricardo Van Erven, Technology Director, AES Eletropaulo, Brazil
  • Nathaniel George, Commercial Manager, DOMLEC Dominica