Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America: Conference Program 25-27 September, 2006


 Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America: Conference Programme 25 – 27 September, 2006

Program day 1: Monday 25 September 2006

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Opening session: Overview of metering developments in the Latin American region
Chairman: Ronaldo Schuck, Secretary of Energy, Ministry of Mines and Energy, Brazil

Chiarman’s welcome

Keynote addresses

Marcelo Llévenes, Endesa Country Manager and Chief Executive Officer, Ampla, Brazil
Luthero de Castro, President, Companhia Estadual de Águas e Esgotos (CEDAE), Brazil
PRODIST: Interface between the distribution companies and the customers
Manoel Negrisoli, Distribution Regulatory Superintendent, Electric Energy National Agency (ANEEL), Brazil

Regulatory updates and upcoming issues
Wagner Victer, Secretary of Energy,
Secretary of Energy, Shipbuilding Industry and Oil of Rio de Janeiro (SEINPE), Brazil

New regulation for energy losses management
Ricardo Vidinich, Commercial Regulation Superintendent, Electric Energy National Agency (ANEEL), Brazil
INMETRO : new legislation for water, gas and electric meters
Raimundo Alves de Redenze, Volumetric Metering Instruments Manager – DIVOL, INMETRO, Brazil

Panel discussion: Can the regulation for the periodic verification of meters be sustained?
Moderator: Jose Gabino Matias dos Santos, Director’s Assistant,
Brazilian Association of Electric Energy Distributors (ABRADEE), Brazil


  • Ricardo Vidinich, Commercial Regulation Superintendent, Electric Energy National Agency (ANEEL), Brazil
  • José Alves de Mello Franco, Vice President of Regulation, Ampla, Brazil
  • Samuel Castañon Penha Valle, Legal Metrology Management – DIMEL, INMETRO, Brazil
  • Luis Claudio Drummond, Meter Laboratory Manager, Companhia Estadual de Águas e Esgotos (CEDAE), Brazil
  • José Carlos de Abreu, Metering and Operations Management, Electric Energy Commercialization Agency (CCEE), Brazil
  • Jorge Venancio, Asset Standards, Comgas, Brazil
  • Fabricio Margedan, System Engineer, Sensus Metering, Brazil
  • Helder Queiroz Pinto Junior, Professor, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Opening of the exhibition

 Program day 2: Tuesday 26 September 2006

Metering trends
Chairman: Fabio Toledo, R&D Project Manager, EDF, France

Advanced features for revenue protection and customer relationship management
Edson da Costa Bortoni, Professor, Itajubá Federal University, Brazil
Combining real-time metering with automated load forecasting systems
Adriana Favaro, Business Development Manager, Itron Tecnologia, Brazil
Intelligrid, the vision for the electric system of the future
Petrônio Spyer Prates, President, Concert Technologies, Brazil
Field certification of revenue metering sites
W. Scott Bucklew, Sales and Marketing Manager, PowerMetrix, USA

AMR, AMM and emerging technologies
Chairman: Renato Alvarenga, Innovation and Technology Manager, Ampla, Brazil

Results of the Ampla network
Wellington Mattos Boaventura, Commercial Operations Manager, Ampla, Brazil
AMI/AMR – Building the business case for residential applications in Latin America
Fabio Dominguez, Sales and Marketing Manager – Latin America and Caribbean, Elster Electricity, U.S.A.
“Turtle” rural AMR system– Experience from Enersul
Luiz Carlos Santini Junior, Metering Supervisor, Enersul, Brazil

Billing and data management
Chairman: André Luiz Franco Braga, Billing Manager, CEG, Brazil

Case study: New billing software at CEMIG
Nelson Tamietti, Billing Manager, CEMIG, Brazil
How to get the most from advanced metering data
Linda Jackman, Vice President, Customer Care & Billing Product Business Unit, SPL WorldGroup, USA
Project “Nota Fiscal Fatura Eletrônica”
Victor Kodja, Commercial Director, AES Eletropaulo, Brazil
Ricardo Nogueira, Revenue Management Manager, AES Eletropaulo, Brazil
Demand side management and billing on real time
Alfonso Valverde Madriz, Energy Management Manager, CNFL, Costa Rica

Customer relationship management
Chairman: Jeff Valadez, Regional Director, Latin America and Caribbean, SPL WorldGroup, USA

Control center for commercial service
Fernanda Dutra, Leader of Personalized Customer Care, Ampla, Brazil
André Theobald, Customer Services Manager, Ampla, Brazil
Management of a BPM software platform – A solution for company management and innovation in Information Technology
Rute Martins, Consultant, RCM Consultores Associados, Brazil
Project management of remote services (GSR)
Alfredo Pereira da Costa Filho, Billling Systems Analysis Manager, Coelce, Brazil
Leonardo Duarte de Oliveira, Commercial Operations Manager, Coelce, Brazil

 Program day 3: Wednesday 27 September 2006


Workshop: “Building the Intelligence Center to Reduce Losses”

It is becoming more and more difficult to tackle fraud – as each new anti-fraud technology is developed someone immediately finds a way to overcome it. To make matters worse, distribution companies do not have sufficient financial resources to undertake the necessary loss reduction initiatives, and of course the resulting non-payment, internal fraud and system errors shrink the funds available still further.

The solution is to build an Intelligence Center, to optimize the allocation of resources so that the maximum amount of energy can be recovered with the minimum investment. The tools used to achieve this are revenue assurance processes, specialized technology, and the right skills. The workshop will discuss these concepts, and delegates will also get involved in case studies.

Presented by: Denis Maia, Chief Executive Officer, Choice, Brazil

Assuring utility revenue by using prepayment metering
Chairman: Sergio Agoff, Independent Consultant, Argentina

Project “Energia na Medida”
Mônica Jucá, Chief of the Special Projects Department, Coelce, Brazil
Prepayment lead project system
Mauricio Morales, Billing Manager – Other Business, Codensa, Colombia
EDF R&D prepayment project: Compteur Maîtrise Energie
Fabio Toledo, P&D Project Manager, EDF, France
How the City of Cape Town (RED1) wins customers over to prepaid metering
Zwannda Ramadwa, Manager: Customer Support Services Electricity Services, City of Cape Town Electricity Services (RED1), South Africa

Revenue protection case studies
Chairman: Ricardo Botelho, Vice-President of Operations, Sistema Cataguazes Leopoldina (SCL), Brazil

Community guards project
Carlos Alberto Mocny, Project Leader, Ampla, Brazil

How to identify the best actions to reduce non-technical losses
Luis Armando Crestana, Commercial Corporate Affairs Manager, Sistema Cataguazes Leopoldina (SCL), Brazil Denis Maia, Chief Executive Officer, Choice, Brazil

Metering strategies for utilities for low levels of energy losses
Alfonso Lugo Duarte, Revenue Protection Leader, Condensa, Colombia

Systems and equipment to reduce commercial losses
Chairman: Claudio Rivera, Vice President of Revenue Protection, Ampla, Brazil

Fighting theft and managing metering faults
Welson Jacometti, Managing Director, CAS Tecnologia, Brazil
Anti-theft machine for medium voltage
Ângelo Pirrone, Commercial and Industrial Customers Manager, Ampla, Brazil
Methodology for mapping, valorization, segmentation, supervision, control and reduction of energy commercial losses
Vernei Gialluca, Union Fenosa Professional Services, New Product & Business Development, Soluziona, Brazil

Closing discussion: What will be the future of the meter in the next 10 years in Latin America?
Moderator: Denis Maia, Chief Executive Officer, Choice, Brazil

  • Edson Amaral Jr, Revenue Protection Manager, CPFL, Brazil
  • Fabio Toledo, R&D Project Manager, EDF, France
  • Mariluza Costa Fonseca, Metering Manager, Companhia Estadual de Águas e Esgotos (CEDAE), Brazil
  • Monclair José de Araujo, Laboratory Department Management, Municipal Electricity Department of Poços de Caldas, Brazil
  • Mariano Bergman, Marketing Manager, Actaris, Brazil
  • Alcir de Faro Orlando, Professor, Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Rio de Janeiro (PUC), Brazil
  • Marcos Mendonça Rizzo, Executive Director South America, Itron, Brazil
Latin American Revenue Protection Association (LARPA) meeting