Metering, Billing/MDM America: Conference Program 2010


Metering, Billing/MDM America

March 7 – 10, 2010

Pre-Conference Workshop

Sunday March 7, 2010

Session 0.1.1

Pre-Conference Workshop I:
Smart security for advanced utility networks

Session leaders:
Sandy Bacik, Principal Consultant, EnerNex, TN
Brad Singletary, Utility Communications Security Architect, Enernex, TN

12h30 – 14h00

Thanks to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and net metering, electricity and usage information will flow from generators to consumers and back again. The total amount of information, which in the beginning will be substantial, will quickly become enormous. Data protection will be crucial, and demand management strategies which could save your organization significant money, could also get you in trouble fast. In short, for each benefit a Smarter Grid will bring an organization, there is a commensurate risk to mitigate.

14h30 – 16h00

Learn more about the implementation of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, NISTs involvement and the other core players to creating secure standards for modern utility infrastructure.

Conference Program Day 1

Monday March 8, 2010

Smart Sessions

Session 1.6.1

Maximizing the effect of distributed generation (solar, wind, CHP) and improving the efficiency of the electrical distribution system through the use of “At load power factor correction”

Session 1.6.2

The changing utility – customer paradigm in a smart world

07h30 – 08h50

Speaker: Richard Ellenbogen, President, Power Factor Correction, NY

Methods of reducing customer utility bills, improving the efficiency of the electrical distribution system, and increasing the effect of distributed generation by a factor of 2 to 5 times will be discussed. The entire presentation will be based on actual installations and on field measurements, NOT on theory. A new device, the PLIP®, will be demonstrated that has little to no installation cost, and will greatly reduce both the reactive load (KVar) and real load (KW) on the distribution system.

Moderator: Kim Gaddy, Senior Director, Product Strategy, Vertex Business Services, TX


  • Belvin Louie, Solutions Architect, PG&E, CA
  • Jim McFelea, Senior Vice President of Operations, Ambit Energy, TX
  • Richard Huntley, VP and Practice Leader, Efficiency and Demand Response, Vertex Business Services, TX
Session 1.0.1

General: Opening / Keynote
Chairman: Philip Mezey, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Itron, WA

09h00 – 09h15

Welcome address
Mike Smith, General Manager and Vice President, North America, Spintelligent, CA

09h15 – 09h30

Chairman’s comments
Philip Mezey, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Itron, WA

09h30 – 10h00

Utility keynote: Putting the customer first – where does technology meets the customer
Anne Shen Smith, Senior Vice President, Customer Services, SDG&E, CA

10h00 – 10h30

Plenary address: Smart grid investments in California
Dr. Nancy Ryan, Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission, CA

10h30 – 10h45

Metering America Excellence Awards
Celebrating another year of industry excellence, the Metering, Billing/MDM America organizers are proud to announce the ‘Metering America Excellence Awards’ for 2010. The program will recognize industry leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the utilities sector in North America over the past 12 months. 

Metering America

Smart Grid America

Billing America

Session 1.1.1

Smart grid project integration
Chairman: Dave Elve, Principal Consultant, Enspiria Solutions, GA

Session 1.2.1

Distributed generation & storage
Chairman: John Stafford, Sales Director, Western Region, Sensus, CA

Session 1.3.1

Integration architecture for smart CRM
Chairman: Scott McCormick, Account Executive, Oracle Utilities, CA

13h30 – 14h00

Turning AMI projects into smart grid projects
Kevin Cornish, Executive Consultant, Enspiria Solutions, GA

(Presentation not available due to copy right restrictions)

Management, integration & control of DG in the Smart Grid
Steve Pullins, Team Leader, DOE/NETL Modern Grid Strategy, President, Horizon Energy Group, DC

Data Acquisition: Plan-It Wise energy program, smart meters, smarter grids?
Martin Bartel, Information Technology Architect, Northeast Utilities, CT

(Presentation not available due to copy right restrictions)

14h00 – 14h30

NV Energy’s advanced service delivery solution
Gary Smith, Project Director, Smart Technologies, NV Energy

(Presentation not available due to copy right restrictions) 

14h30 – 15h00

Building the business case for AMI and smart grid projects
Glen Steiger, General Manager, Glendale Water & Power, CA

FortZED case study: DG and storage in the City of Fort Collins
Steve Catanach, Light & Power Operations Manager, Fort Collins Utilities, CO 

Integration architecture for Smart CRM
Linda Jackman, Vice President, Product Management, Oracle Utilities, CA

(Presentation not available due to copy right restrictions)  

Session 1.1.2

AMI system implementation
Chairman: Ed Finamore, President, ValuTech Solutions, PA

Session 1.2.2

Smart Grid America: In-home customer applications
Chairman: Meir Shargal, Principal, Global Utility Practice, CapGemini, TX

Session 1.3.2

Billing America: Role of MDMS vs. CIS
Chairman: Warren Causey, Vice President, Sierra Energy Group, CO

15h30 – 16h00

SmartMeter – the challenge of deploying a smart meter every 2 seconds
Jim Meadows, Smart Meter Program Director, PG&E, CA 

How is the home going to play a role in the Smart Grid – the utility view
Ted Reguly, Director, Smart Meter Program Office, SDG&E, CA 

The functionality of CIS and MDM – What is the “system of record”?

  • Brian Novak, Program Manager, Advanced Metering Systems, JEA, FL
  • Stephen Nees, Technology Development Manager, Anaheim Public Utilities, CA
  • Michele Pierzga, Business Consultant, PPL Electric Utilities, PA

16h00 – 16h30

An AMI/smart grid deployment plan that enables the consumer
Jim Sheppard, Director of Business Processes, CenterPoint, TX

How is the home going to play a role in the Smart Grid – the Customer view
Craig Boice, Principal, Boice Dunham Group, NY

16h30 – 17h00

Managing your utility smart grid and AMI networks
Lee Krevat, Director, Smart Grid, SDG&E, CA

How is the home going to play a role in the Smart Grid – vendor panel

  • Steven Adler, Vice President, Business Development, OpenPeak , FL
  • Ivo Steklac, CEO, Greenbox Technologies, CA

Conference Program Day 2

Tuesday March 9, 2010

Smart Sessions

Session 2.5.1

Executive briefing: The evolution of automated metering, from AMR to smart metering

Session 2.5.2

Mexican Case: Using Smart Self-Managed Metering System

07h30 – 08h50

Speaker: Howard Scott, Managing Director, Cognyst Advisors, NJ

At this exclusive, invitation-only session, Dr. Howard Scott, Managing Partner at Cognyst Advisors, will show how automated metering has changed over the past 30 years from AMR to AMI and now to Smart Metering.  This evolution is demonstrated by new products, strong popular support and by a rapid shift in product shipments.  Dr. Scott will also talk about how the metering industry is changing and what he foresees for its future.

Speaker: Eduardo Neri, Metering Director, IUSA, Mexico

After 35 years of success in the electricity meter market in Mexico, IUSA is now sharing its experience with electricity utility companies throughout the world, offering new technological solutions in solid state electricity meters. IUSA  is an innovative company, which provides technological solutions that promote the efficient use of resources. Our goal is to improve the service quality and diminish the time that takes to measure electric, natural gas and water usage. 

Metering America

Smart Grid America

Billing America

Session 2.1.1

Smart meter benefits to customers
Chairman: Elliot Boardman, Executive Director, PLMA, TX

Session 2.2.1

Standards for AMI and smart grid
Chairman: Edward Gray, Vice President, Legislative & Regulatory Affairs, Elster Solutions, NC

Session 2.3.1

Leveraging data for operational benefits
Chairman: George Karayannis, Energy Solutions Business Development, Lockheed Martin, CO

09h00 – 09h30

California and PG&E – leading the way to a sustainable electric system and greater customer value
Jana Corey, Director, Energy Information Network, PG&E, CA 

NIST view – developments toward smart grid interoperability
George Arnold, National Smart Grid Coordinator, NIST, DC 

The construction of a smart grid program with ARRA grants
Dale Pennington, Managing Director, Utiliworks, NY & Darell Caraway, Light & Power Operations Manager, City of Ruston, LA 

09h30 – 10h00

Integrating demand response and AMI – customer involvement and impacts to utility customers
Ruth Kiselewich, Director, DSM Programs, Baltimore Gas & Electric, MA 

Regulatory issues with the smart grid
Roger Levy, President, Roger Levy & Associates, CA 

Impact of dynamic pricing on customers
Lawrence Kotewa, Senior Engineer/Project Manager, CNT Energy, IL 

10h00 – 10h30

Demand response planning and opportunities
Lawrence Oliva, Director, Tariff Programs & Services, Southern California Edison, CA 

New frontier for energy efficiency
Bob Heile, Chairman, ZigBee Alliance, CA 

Smart energy efficiency
Tim Roughan, Director, Distributed Generation, National Grid, MA 

Session 2.1.2

What is next for you and your customer?
Chairman: Mike Tabbert, Vice President, Sales, Tantalus, NC

Session 2.2.2

Securing your network and customer data
Chairman: Walter Levesque, Principal, Plexus Research, MA

Session 2.3.2

Customer portals
Chairman: Mike Madrazo, CEO, Dectectent, CA

11h00 – 11h30

Building the foundation for smart energy – the smart customers
Peter Honebein, Managing Principal, Customer Performance Group, NV
Roy Cammarano, Principal, Customer Performance Group, CA

Updates and commentary from NERC
Michael Assante, Vice President & Chief Security Officer, North American Electric Reliability Corporation, DC 

Multifunction portals for commercial and industrial customers
Bill Younger, Manager, Business Energy Management, Puget Sound Energy, WA 

11h30 – 12h00

Plug-in electric vehicles – a sustainable solution to our transport needs?
Felix Oduyemi, Senior Project Manager, Southern California Edison, CA 

Smart grid security: a view from the testers
Rita Wells, Electric Sector Program Lead, Idaho National Laboratory, ID

(Presentation not available due to copy right restrictions)

Providing customers with on-line energy information – SDG&E’s experience
Alex Kim, Director of Innovations, SDG&E, CA 

12h00 – 12h30

Plug-in electric vehicles and the customer interface
Larry Alford, Manager, Distributed Generation, Strategic Planning & Enterprise Development, Austin Energy, TX

Smart grid security threats
Gib Sorebo, Assistant Vice President & Chief Security Engineer, SAIC, VA

Another perspective on customer portals
Angela Greenwell, ista North America, GA

Session 2.0.1

Metering, Billing/CIS America: Joint closing session – where technology meets the customer
Chairman: Jonathan Spencer Jones, Editor, Smart Energy International, Argentina

14h00 – 15h30

Take this opportunity to hear comprehensive analysis of what was discussed during the conference: This session allows participants the opportunity to hear key points raised by selected chairmen and moderators from the past two days. The audience will be invited to contribute interactively using an Audience Response System (ARS) and jointly discuss some of the follow key areas:

  • How does your utility divide its customers – what segments?
  • Where does your company envisage the future value of the customer information
  • To what extent does your utility/client protect or use customer data
  • To what degree is your utility/client actively involved in understanding its customers’ needs


  • Ed Finamore, President, ValuTech Solutions, PA
  • Peter Honebein, Managing Principal, Customer Performance Group, NV
  • Walter Levesque, Principal, Plexus Research, MA
  • Howard Scott, Managing Director, Cognyst Advisors, NJ