Metering scenario: Current trends – from metering philosophy to future IT models


Conference: Metering, Billing/CRM India
Location: Mumbai, India
Presenter: P. K. Kognolkar
Abstract: Presented by P. K. Kognolkar at Metering, Billing/CRM India

With the deregulation of electricity market and power trading, energy meters have gained important as not only from the point of revenue realization but also the quantum of useful data that can be derived from modern metering. The energy meter is becoming a good information source. If these data used properly, lot of utility functions can be simplified & thus provides scope for value added services like demand side management, energy conservation, planning for expanding distribution networks and so on.   This is further lead to creation many independent business process like meter reading services, meter data management (MDM), energy auditing and accounting services  and so on.

The present day energy meters have provision to collect and store locally number of parameters, which are useful for utilities in planning or expanding distribution network, pilferage detection and control etc.   If these data get transmitted to utility’s billing & energy auditing headquarters economically, maximum benefit can be derived from meter data apart from billing. This can be implemented by automatic remote reading of energy meters using various communication mediums.   

The automatic reading of energy meter from consumer premises where meter located to billing and energy auditing headquarters involves various stages of communication links.  The most crucial stage is between energy meters located at consumer premises to first level of data concentrator where many meter readings data get logged for a given area of service.

To implement effective system of AMR /AMI, it requires well defined specifications for metering and associated system which includes the basic meter itself, communication system, interoperability, Energy accounting and billing software with   proper HMI and various report generating capabilities.  Over specifying or under specifying for the system implementation always lead to time and cost over run. 

In this presentation a review of Metering philosophy and practice in present and future, futuristic AMR / AMI concepts for Indian utilities, role of communication & IT technologies in metering, standards and interoperability issues and new business models are discussed.