Ontario Smart Metering System Implimentation Program(SMSIP)


edward arlitt

Conference: Smart Metering Canada 2007
Location: Toronto, Canada
Presenter: Edward Arlitt
Abstract: Presented by Edward Arlitt at Smart Metering Canada 2007

This presentation focuses on the “road ahead” from the perspective of the IESO’s Smart Metering System Implementation Program (SMSIP).  Since July, 2006 when the Ontario Government formally announced the IESO’s role as program coordinator for the province’s Smart Meter Initiative, the “road ahead” has been shaped by both a formal road map, and an array of near-term and long-term choices.

The Ontario Government’s long-term goals for the Smart Metering Initiative include the initial target is for the installation of 800,000 smart electricity meters in 2007 with substantial numbers of these supporting time based billing. The installation of smart meters for all Ontario customers (an additional 3.7m meters) is targeted to be complete by December, 2010.

Between 2007 and 2010 however, the official plan leaves room for a number of key choices to be made.  These choices include the development of rates and rate structures by the Ontario Energy Board that will maximize the benefits of smart metering.  Also at issue, is the incorporation of various classes of customers into the smart metering system and the various types of metering that might support them.  In addition, there are detailed questions regarding the future role and structure of the proposed “Smart Metering Entity” that is contemplated under the Energy Conservation Leadership Act, 2006.

While the SMSIP may not have direct authority over many of these choices, it is however, taking pro-active steps to anticipate them.  Over the course of this presentation, we shall examine some of the key points that might be expected on the “road ahead’ and what is being done today in order to ensure that Ontario’s smart metering system is prepared to meet them.