Optimizing field operations through mobile workforce management


Conference: Metering, Billing, CRM/CIS Latin America 2005.
Location: Sao Paulo
Presenter: Leo Hagood

SPL would like to present the benefits of implementing a Mobile Workforce Management Solution. Many utilities have reaped the benefits of implementing new technologies over the past 3 decades, one of the few areas still not fully automated by many utilities is the field workforce. With continued pressure of regulatory agencies, shareholders, and customers for utilities to continue to control or reduce cost while improving customer service, many utilities are now focused on extending technology and the efficiencies in to the field workforce. Our presentation will:

•    Present the different components of Mobile Workforce Management
•    Discuss considerations for changes to existing business processes
•    Compare types of work automation
•    Present common business benefits
•    Challenges to implementing Mobile Workforce Management

Our presentation will describe the primary functions provided by Mobile Workforce Solution providers such as:

•    Scheduling and assignment
•    Street level routing
•    Optimization (performing the most work efficiently)
•    Work prioritization
•    Computer aided dispatch
•    Real time status updates
•    Automated vehicle location

In addition to presenting the different components that are available from Mobile Workforce Management providers, SPL will present some of the cost benefits and “Return on Investment” enjoyed by some of the utilities that have implemented Mobile Workforce Management solutions. The benefits presented will also address some of the specific types of work being automated today such as:
•    Outage/Restoration
•    Credit & Collections
•    New Service
•    Inspections
•    Others

SPL’s presentation will be designed to appeal to utility personnel primarily focused on customer service and field operations. In addition our presentation will describe some of the challenges faced by utilities implementing Mobile Workforce Management. Some of the challenges included in our presentation will address the technical, integration and people challenges faced by utilities when implementing Mobile Workforce Management. We would propose to conclude our presentation with a short question and answer session.