Planning your meter data management (MDM) strategy


Conference: Metering, Billing/CIS America 2007
Location: San Antonio, TX, USA
Presenter: Garrett Johnston
Abstract: Presented by Garrett Johnston at Metering, Billing/CIS America 2007

Title: Planning Your Meter Data Management (MDM) Strategy

Background: Utilities that are exploring, or developing strategies for deploying, AMI systems will likely find themselves evaluating the potential benefits of investing in a robust MDM system. To truly maximize a large-scale, fixed network investment, many AMI program managers understand this need and are ready to invest millions of dollars in MDM systems.

As a crucial first step in the AMI roadmap, several utilities today are including a process to thoroughly evaluate a meter data management (MDM) system, including the need to involve stakeholders from across the enterprise.  Maximum value will be facilitated when all departments accept the concept of an enterprise MDM system and allocate a reasonable part of their resources to ensure the benefits can be realized from increased data access and utilization.

Presentation focus: This presentation will focus on the extensive planning required to prepare for installation of a meter data management (MDM) system for handling daily meter reading data.  KEMA will present leading practices based on utility engagements, as well as on published primary and secondary information sources.

Abstract:  It can be challenging for AMI program managers to convince business unit leaders to allocate resources to the AMI effort when they have no historical use of the data or have not seen the value it can provide.  Effective capital spending in the early stages can lead to a better understanding of a utility’s system, which will enable future improvements and deferrals in operational expenditures. 

In some cases, departmental acceptance of business case benefits for AMI can be a challenging “sell.”  However, a number of post-deployment success stories demonstrate that these same departments will seek greater uses for, and more timely access to, meter data and the value of this information. 

AMI can provide a myriad of operational benefits – e.g., on-demand meter reading, direct load control, outage restoration report.  However, greater certainty of these benefits can be made possible with an effective MDM strategy that seeks to optimize the system on an enterprise-wide basis.

This presentation will discuss several aspects of implementing a Meter Data Management solution:

  • Process change impacts
  • Multi-departmental acceptance
  • System and resource requirements (both human and otherwise)
  • Effective MDM system features and functionality
  • MDM resource examples and leading practices