Pre-Conference Workshops
Sunday March 22, 2009

Session 0.3.1

Pre-Conference Workshop III: AMR for Water Utilities –  Best practices for selection, acquisition and implementation
Session leaders:
David Hughes, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, American Water, NJ
Don Schlenger, Principal, Cognyst Consulting, NJ

12h30 – 14h00

Through a collaborative approach, the session leaders will draw perspectives from a variety of utilities that have or are in the process of AMR programs. They will observe new case studies of AMR selection and implementation to provide practical insight into how utilities are currently applying the principles and tools of AMR that are available.

14h30 – 16h00

In addition to following the RFP task outline, examine new ways that AMR may be used more effectively in pilot programs designed for conservation efforts, enabling the water utilities to better manage and control leakage, and to potentially be alerted to the serious concerns implied by backflow.