Prepayment worksop


Prepayment workshop overview

Primer presented by: Sergio Agoff, Independent Consultant, Argentina

  • Prepayment – an overview

Look at the standard definition of prepayment, and system components
Understand the benefits and disadvantages of prepayment
Examine the differences between prepayment and credit metering
What are the applications for prepayment in the utility context

  • Prepayment systems

Understand the systems nature of prepayment
Investigate each system component in detail
Look at different meter architectures
Investigate the pros and cons of different token technologies
Understand disconnector technology
Look at field service tools and calibration equipment used for prepayment

  • Tariffs for prepayment

Investigate the different tariff structures used for prepayment (straight line, block, TOU etc)
Compare kWh transfer vs. currency transfer for prepayment, and its impact on tariff decisions
Understand how tariffs for prepayment and credit metering differ
Find out how to fine-tune your tariffs for use with prepayment metering
Clarify how tax structures, fixed charges and other special tariffs can be catered for using prepayment

  • Advanced meter functions & deregulation

Examine some advanced meter functionality, such as self-billed meters, self-decommissioning etc
Examine possible relationships between AMR and prepayment
Look at the use of prepayment in deregulated environments

  • Vending systems

Examine different vending components
Learn how to plan your vending infrastructure
Understand why vending is a critical element for the success of prepayment
Investigate how vending and system management can be integrated into your existing systems

  • Standardization

Look at the role of standardization in prepayment
Examine IEC specifications
Investigate the Standard Transfer Specification (STS)
Investigate the SCEMA specification
See how standardized meter packaging has influenced the market
Investigate standards in vending

Case study and film: Prepayment in Ecuador
Luis Ayala, Consultant to the General Manager, Emelsad, Ecuador