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Conferência: Metering Central America & Caribbean
Local: Medellin, Colombia
Palestrante: Geraldo Guimarães
Artigo: Apresentado por Geraldo Guimarães na Metering Central America & Caribbean

Utilities will continue to rely on four forms of generation to drive operations: coal, nuclear, natural gas, and renewables (hydroelectric, wind and solar), but the days of simply managing supply to meet whatever demand presents itself on the system are in the distant past. New management challenges are forcing new approaches to distribution system and capacity management.

Today, more utility leaders are expressing increasing confidence in what they call “the fifth fuel” – efficiency. New technology has increased the potential for energy efficiency through intelligent management of distribution assets and demand, allowing these utilities to strive for optimal energy delivery. A prime example of new intelligent distribution solutions is Demand Dispatch which integrates direct control demand management with delivery optimization and asset protection.

Distribution management pressures are mounting. From simply keeping up with the fast-growing demand, to keeping energy affordable, to meeting new emissions standards and avoiding peak pricing, network management has become increasingly complex. Demand Dispatch is a key solution that addresses many of the complex challenges facing electric utilities.

The demand-dispatch form of efficiency is important to utilities because when surging demand threatens fixed generation capabilities, utilities are exposed to serious operational risks. Frequently during those peaks, they are subject to spending much more for supply. They are at risk of damaging their assets through thermal load levels that are too high to control. They are at risk of system failure, where the network cannot handle these heights of demand. These issues can lead to unhappy customers.

Demand Dispatch is a low risk, high reward direct load management and distribution optimization approach that promises more meaningful long term remedy than current demand side management solutions. Demand Dispatch technology can be used to reframe the supply/demand imbalance for more effective strategic resolution.