Ralph Abott


Name: Ralph Abott
Position: President
Company: Plexus Research
Country: USA

Ralph Abbott is President and co-founder of Plexus Research, Inc., located in Boxborough, Massachusetts.  Plexus is a leading consulting engineering and strategic business development firm that specializes in “customer technologies” for energy utilities, prominently including advanced metering, AMI/AMR, load management, home and building automation, and associated communications technologies. Plexus has served the industry since 1983 and has guided dozens of successful AMR system projects for investor-owned, municipal and rural electric cooperatives. Plexus also serves institutional clients including NARUC, EEI, EPRI, NRECA and provides market research services to leading-edge industrial clients.

Ralph Abbott has served the electric utility industry for more than 35 years, and since 1973 has been involved in metering and AMR. He is considered to be one of the most influential and experience experts in the AMR field. Upon graduation with an engineering degree from Bucknell University in the early 1960s, Ralph joined Bailey Controls in field sales and applications engineering for power generation and process control. In the 1970s Ralph was V.P. of the Utility Systems Division of American Science & Engineering, a firm that successfully developed and deployed more than 500,000 2-way power line communications devices for AMR, metering, D/A and load control in more than 30 utilities. In the early 1980’s he was a founder/officer of Vedette Energy Research. This firm developed advanced electric utility load control technology and control communications protocols using the subcarrier of commercial FM broadcast radio (FM-SCA). This technology was subsequently acquired and deployed by ABB. He then founded Plexus Research, Inc., known worldwide for its integrity, objectivity and depth of expertise.

Ralph attended the Graduate Business School of the University of San Francisco, is a Registered Professional Engineer, a Senior Member of IEEE, is a licensed radio amateur and private pilot, and holds four patents. He serves on the Technical Advisory Committees of DistribuTECH and Metering Americas and was a charter member of AMRA.