Revenue protection through good installation practices and maintenance


Conference: Metering, Billing/CRM India
Location: New Delhi, India
Presenter: G.K. Panchal
Abstract: Presented by G.K. Panchal at Metering, Billing/CRM India

From the last few years, a great emphasis is being laid over metering of key points of energy exchange in the entire T&D system and creating accountability to energy losses in India. In addition, better accuracy meters are also being installed at the consumer premises replacing the age old meters for protection of revenue. While meters are being replaced, the necessity of good installation practices and maintenance is ignored without which, the end objective of revenue protection is not fulfilled.

In addition, the preventive and periodic maintenance of network assets also plays an important role in the network security and revenue protection, as “loss of opportunity to serve” due to outage is also a loss of revenue to the utility. This area also requires attention for revenue protection.

This paper emphasizes on good installation practices of metering system installation to increase the reliability of the metering systems and subsequent processes for maintaining the healthiness of the metering system periodically, there by protecting revenue for the utilities.