Ron Chebra


Conference: Metering, Billing/CIS America 2007
Location: San Antonio, TX, USA
Presenter: Ron Chebra
Abstract: Presented by Ron Chebra at Metering, Billing/CIS America 2007

Background: The increased use of solid state meters as a replacement to electromechanical units by utilities will require significant changes to the meter shop.  Fundamental impacts will be needed to the traditional testing, repairing, and re-certification of electric meters. This will require redesign of key business processes, learning of new skill sets, and purchases of new tools/equipment.

Session Abstract: This session will convene a panel of utility experts to examine the impacts that these advanced integrated communications and metrology units will have on the service and maintenance of these assets. The format will examine this emerging issue from three timing perspectives: Planning, Implementing, and On-going Management. Utility metering experts will speak to their own firm’s experiences within each of these domains. As part of these discussions, it would be expected that the key topics would include, but not be limited to, discussion points that would address:

  • Processes
  • Using device-originated diagnostic information
  • Seeking alignment within the organization (e.g., IT, Customer Services, Procurement)
  • Proactive versus reactive diagnostics
  • Data security measures
  • Component device testing/diagnostics
  • Skill Sets
  • Mechanical to electronics transition and training
  • In-source or outsource
  • Addressing the aging workforce issue
  • Tools and Technology
  • Hardware/software replacement and acquisitions
  • Changing role of suppliers and component manufacturers
  • Flash downloads vs. bench changes – what to expect and how to manage it
  • Role of Information Technology in the meter shop
  • Asset management – new dimensions of data and its applicability to preventative maintenance programs

Format: Panel discussion (proposed for 1.5 hour duration, but could be scaled accordingly to fit conference agenda)

1)    Introduction and situation statement – KEMA Senior Expert
a.    State of change – trends in the industry
b.    Maintaining control – establishing processes and leveraging technology

2)    Planning for the change – Utility Metering Expert – TBD
a.    Economic impacts on the utility AMI business case
b.    Staffing issues and skill transitions

3)    Going through the change – Utility Metering Expert – TBD
a.    Surprises along the way, and how to deal with them
b.    Gaining support within the organization

4)    Having made the change – Utility Metering Expert – TBD
a.    Biggest lesson learned and how to deal with it
b.    A day in the life of an electronic meter shop

5)    Getting ahead of the situation – discussion summation and  key points of reference by KEMA Senior Expert
a.    Planning and designing
b.    Implementing the solution
c.    Maintaining high-value delivery


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