Saving energy with AMI and distribution automation systems


Conference: Metering Central America & Caribbean 2008
Location: Bogota, Colombia
Presenter: Fabio Dominguez
Abstract: Presented by Fabio Dominguez at Metering Central America & Caribbean 2008

Utilities in Latin America are facing big challenges to support the electricity demand their economies need to grow.  The availability of energy sources, the cost of new generation plants and the time that takes to get them in service are making some utilities to consider using SmartGrid technologies such as AMI as an effective solutions to solve this critical problem. 

This paper will explore ways in which an AMI system can be used to make a  distribution network more efficient without adding additional generation through the use of demand response technology, TOU programs at residential level and effective control of both technical and non technical losses.  An AMI system can work alongside SCADA and Distribution Automation systems and provide information from many points in the network in a cost effective manner by leveraging the low cost and reliable communications of the AMI system.