Smart Energy Storage Solutions


Conference: Smart Energy Storage Summit
Location: San Jose, CA, USA
Presenter: Frank Ramirez, Stephen Clarke and Jacqui DeRosa
Abstract: Presented by Frank Ramirez, Stephen Clarke and Jacqui DeRosa at Smart Energy Storage Summit

Despite having a theoretical energy density (180wh/kg) that is close to that achieved by Li-ion (200Wh/kg) using materials and equipment which are much less expensive than Li-ion, conventional lead acid batteries typically achieve only 28Wh/kg at System Level. Viewed as at the end of its development cycle and with an incorrect perception of limited cycle life, lead acid has been largely forgotten as a viable technology grid storage. 

This presentation examines the key and seemingly intractable issues facing Li-ion at large capacity or “grid” scale. 

A largely forgotten but successful and long running lead acid based grid storage project is reviewed to place lead acid in contect of these challenges. 

An advanced Bipolar Lead Acid Battery (BLAB) is then presented which has the potenetial to deliver higher performance grid scale storage and which can leverage the existing lead acid production and recycling infrastructure.

The economics of Bipolar Lead Acid Batteries are then examined and compared to Li-ion. A modular grid scale BLAB capable of delivering a capacity of 9MWh from the volume and footprint of a 40ft container, is presented.