Smart Grids – Uso do AMI para incrementar a performance de uma rede de distribuií§í£o


Conferência: Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America
Local: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Palestrante: Fabio Dominguez
Artigo: Apresentado por Fabio Dominguez na Metering, Billing/CRM Latin America

Utilities continue to look for ways to improve their distribution networks through operational efficiencies and better asset management.  Smart Grids have been are named constantly in the news nowadays.  This paper will explore ways in which an AMI system can be used to improve the distribution network with the use of distributed AMI such as RF mesh in pursue of establishing a Smart Grid.  An AMI system can work alongside SCADA and Distribution Automation systems and provide information from many points in the network in a cost effective manner by leveraging the low cost and reliable communications of the AMI system.  An AMI system can provide: improvements in the modeling and determination of system losses, enhanced volt and VAR control, increased power quality data and more."