Smart metering and the need for advanced data management

Conference: Smart Metering East Coast
Location: Washington, DC
Presenter: Brian Owenson
Abstract: Presented by Brian Owenson at Smart Metering East Coast

Looking back over the past decade, the advancements that have taken place in metering are remarkable. Technology has evolved such that monthly manual meter reads, logged initially on paper and later on handheld devices, have the potential to become obsolete. Even drive-by readings, once considered revolutionary, are fast becoming outmoded by fixed networks. Now, utilities have the ability to receive massive volumes of near real time meter data in scheduled intervals or on demand.  AMI for the utility industry has been described as the equivalent of IP and the internet for the computing industry.

This represents both a challenge and an opportunity.  Utilities maintain a constant struggle to achieve potentially conflicting objectives: manage energy consumption, improve network performance, increase customer satisfaction, and improve profitability.  With the advent of advanced meter technology and meter data management, we are moving into an era when an integrated energy data management system that aligns metering, network management, billing, and customer information is the optimal solution to achieve each strategic goal.

This presentation puts forth a model for advance metering and meter data management that can allow utilities to optimize the opportunities, while minimizing the risks.