So you think it’s all about technology: Emotional and social aspects of meter system design


Conference: World Meter Design Congress
Location: San Jose, CA, USA
Presenters: Peter Honebein and Roy F. Cammarano
Abstract: Presented by Peter Honebein and Roy F. Cammarano at World Meter Design Congress

Henry Ford once said, “The customer can have any color car he wants so long as it’s black.” In some regards, the metering industry is saying the exact same thing to customers with regards to meter packaging and styling. But when you talk with customers – the residents whose homes on which those meters will be installed – a different picture emerges. One of colors, esthetics, and choice – the things that drive engineers and installers crazy.

This paper explores the emotional and social aspects of metering, and how the design of not only the meter, but the customer feedback system the meter connects with, might be the tip of the spear for the real purpose of smart metering: persuading customers to adopt demand response and energy efficiency behaviors.