Testing Energy Meter compliance for Protocol& Performance as per standards


Conference: Metering, Billing/CRM India
Location: Mumbai, India
Presenter: M. Pradish and M. Kadloor
Abstract: Presented by M. Pradish and M. Kadloor at Metering, Billing/CRM India

As energy metering is one of the important activity in today’s Power sector industry which not only acts as a conventional money box for the utilities but are also intelligent & capable of performing various other functionalities like collecting & storing of various parameters of Energy which could be used for loss analysis, energy forecasting, etc apart from billing.

Most of the manufacturers have meters with similar functionalities, but are built on their own proprietary protocols which makes the life of utilities miserable in fetching data from meters of different make through a common client program / AMR. 

Now that there are standards for open protocol which are widely accepted world over helps in integrating meters of different make to a common client.  An added advantage of this protocol is that there is a protocol conformance test tool available which helps in testing the communication protocol on the meter which could be tested at any laboratory and will be certified by an international users association. 

Many countries especially in Europe and Asia have already switched on to open protocol.  CPRI has already tested 30 devices and one server stack for dlms conformance.

We bring about the advantages of having open protocol and testing experiences in conformance tests.