The fixed bill: Innovative energy, innovative rate option


Conference: Metering, Billing, CRM/CIS America 2006
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Presenter: Robert J. Hughes
Abstract: Up until recently fixed billing was only offered at Georgia Power Company and Duke POwer Company and it has grown into a mature product at both of these utilities. It was approved last Spring for Progress Energy in North and South Carolina, and was recently approved as a permanent tariff in Florida for Gulf Power Company. Approval as a permanent tariff in Florida for Gulf power Company. Approval has been requested in Kentucky and Indiana. A pilot is being concluded in Oklahoma and pilots are underway with a couple of non-IOU’s: Electric POwer Board of Chattanooga in Tennessee and JEA in Florida. At least half a dozen utilities from the Atlantic to the Pacific, in both the northern and southern parts of the country, are in the process of evaluating this exciting product. Dual energy utilities are examining the considerable value of a fixed energy bill for both electricity and natural gas. This paper looks at the success of the fixed bill at Georgia Power, future plans to offer it to commercial and industrial customers, and its impact at other utlities.