The Perpetual Challenge for Improved Energy Meter Reliability


Conference: Metering, Billing/CRM India
Location: New Delhi, India
Presenter: Dave Simpson
Abstract: Presented by Dave Simpson at Metering, Billing/CRM India

Electricity meter manufacturers and utility companies alike, have the perpetual challenge of manufacturing, supplying and installing meters that provide optimum reliability of measurement data for customer billing purposes. This objective becomes even more challenging as utility companies call for higher levels of functionality and performance, with the demand for improved accuracy of the ever increasing number of measurement parameters, as well as the growing global call for meter anti-tamper features.

Furthermore, with the increase in meter cost, comes the demand for a longer life expectancy from the meter. With the advent of metering ‘System on Chip’ solutions, when meter manufacturers undertake new primary meter designs, system designers are faced with the challenge of deciding on which is the optimum system architecture that will meet these considerable demands.

This paper raises the most critical of these considerations with respect to both hardware and software that will ultimately enable the most reliable system hardware.

It addresses the integrated circuit technology options with respect to the level of system integration of meter functionality, along with the options available for both program and data retention and security.