The sleeper that may derail a solid AMI business case: Depreciation


Conference: Smart Metering West Coast 2006
Location: San Fransisco
Presenter: Stephen Hadden
Abstract:Presented by Stephen Hadden at Smart Metering West Coast 2006. Electric utilities that deploy advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) or automated meter reading (AMR) replace many revenue meters in the process. Due to the advantages of the newest electronic meters, utilities increasingly consider replacing all of the existing meters during the AMI deployment.

The accounting treatment of the value of in-service meters can present a substantial obstacle to the financial viability of the deployment. Investor-owned utilities are required to provide financial reports to governments (for tax purposes), to investors, and to regulators. The reporting rules related to the value of meters are different for each of these.

The presentation reviews the impact of the value of in-service revenue meters and provides an introduction to the accounting issues and resolutions.