Utility case study: Smart Metering goes Smarter (Project Citypower, South Africa)


Conference: Smart Metering Middle East
Location: Dubai, UAE
Presenter: Fred Claassens
Abstract: Presented by Fred Claassens at Smart Metering Middle East

Smart metering is a common term used for any metering solution smarter than a mechanical analogue metering device. The NRS 049 specification being published in South Africa 2008, cleared many of these myths and put Smart metering in a new bracket  making it clear to the world what South Africa as one of the largest and cheapest producer of power understands as a Smart metering solution.

Citypower in South Africa installed a Smart meter solution which currently is one of the closest solutions to comply with the Smart metering requirements defined in NRS 049. This solution went a step further and consolidate multiple services, e.g. Demand Management, Pre-paid/Conventional/Time-of-Use  Metering, Management of  Electricity, Telecommunication, Data (Internet), Gas and Water.

Smart metering as a result provides for accurate and real-time management of services, demand management, logistics support and customer relations management.