Industry getting to grips with flexibility challenge

While the challenges of ensuring adequate flexibility in an ever more complex electricity grid are increasing, frameworks are evolving and stakeholders are responding positively to this, believes industry analyst Guidehouse Insights.
grid edge data

Top six grid edge trends

Thorsten Hiller, the CEO of smart grid solutions firm Greenbird has highlighted the six key trends associated with grid edge during a discussion hosted by Smart Energy International.
ev charging

Cross-sector collaboration: Addressing the EV charging infrastructure case

Will collaboration between automakers and energy companies help accelerate the installation of electric vehicles (EV) charging infrastructure?
distributed energy

Could distributed energy systems have prevented the Texas blackouts?

Worley's Michelle Isenhouer Hanlin looks at the role played distributed energy resources during the Texas power grid failure in providing power.
smart buildings

The role of smart buildings in the development of smart cities

Oliver Iltisberger, president of ABB’s smart buildings division, explains the role of smart buildings in development of smart cities.
grid modernisation

Tips for a successful utility grid modernisation programme

A number of factors such as the lack of adequate planning and the inability by energy providers in choosing the right technology and partners lead utilities in unsuccessful grid modernisation programmes.
utilities wildfires

How utilities can stay one step ahead of wildfires in 2021

Chris Beaufait, the CEO of Sharper Shape explores how utilities can improve power line inspection to address the growing threat of wildfires on grid infrastructure and operations and on the environment.
energy storage use cases

Emerging energy storage use cases and factors driving utility adoption

Although the evolution of energy storage applications varies in different areas of the world depending on the challenges, decarbonisation, decentralisation, democratisation, digitisation and connectivity are key factors driving an increase in energy storage adoption.
SAP: Innovative water and energy meter data analysis

Innovative ways of managing your energy and water data

In line with the need for a cloud-based solution managing all energy and water data, SAP concluded to build a new generation of energy data management: SAP Cloud for Energy.
sustainability standards

Customer awareness of sustainability initiatives remains a challenge for utilities

The key findings in the J.D. Power 2020 Sustainability Index—Climate which measures customer awareness and engagement with clean energy initiatives in the electric utility sector.

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