energy tariff

Feed-in tariff costs set to rise to an all-time high

Feed-in Tariff costs for the upcoming quarterly levelisation* could reach an all-time high, covering the period April – June 2020.

What if more convergence could accelerate the energy transition?

Convergence of companies, policy, financing and sectors should breed collaboration and that in turn could create the business models needed for a 21st century energy sector.
storm resilience

Key strategies and technologies to help utilities respond to a “storm”...

For more than three decades, I served at a leading electric utility, responding to numerous storms to keep the lights on for...

Digital transformation using OCF core framework

The success of the internet is largely due to a set of standards that define the internet protocol. Prior to IP, communication systems required their own domains, each with unique protocols and infrastructure.

How to get households involved in grid balancing

Oliver Archer, a senior analyst at Cornwall Insight, looks at the potential benefits and flexibility models available to domestic customers.

The UK records £51m in cost to balance the grid during...

Amid ongoing lockdown measures, demand for power in GB remains low and continues to weaken as the UK heads towards the summer months
UK gender equality

38% of UK energy sector still all-male at board level says...

The latest board statistics on the gender balance at the top of the UK energy industry shows progress in the number of women occupying board and executive board seats.

COVID-19 impacts on the TPI industry

While the discussion continues around the impacts of COVID-19 on energy suppliers, the effects have reached all parts of the energy value chain.

COVID-19 impacts on low-carbon investments

Daniel Atzori, research partner at Cornwall Insight, comments on the likely impacts of the COVID-19 crisis in low-carbon infrastructure finance and investor confidence.
community energy

Building back better: What role UK communities can play in delivering...

Anda Baumerte, sustainability manager at Northern Powergrid discusses the role community energy projects can play in helping the UK to achieve its net-zero goal.

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