carbon capture

Carbon capture technology faces a difficult few years

A new report from IDTechEx explores the technical and commercial factors that are key to ensuring the success of the carbon capture industry.
Swedish utilities; utility customer

3 Customer communication trends for utilities in a post-COVID era

The next year looks set to present a number of challenges for utility firms in managing their customer communications.
balancing mechanism

COVID-19 shifts global energy demand

We look back at what impact 2020 had on the energy sector and what learnings global energy retailers can take with them into 2021.

How cities and utilities are prioritising technology to address challenges

US cities and utilities continue to adapt to pressing issues, such as aging infrastructure, natural disasters and the growing desire to incorporate renewables.
Swiss RE Institute

Future resilience depends on smart infrastructure investment today

Developing smart infrastructure can both strengthen pandemic responses today and support economic recovery tomorrow states - Swiss RE Institute
EU power market

Five key trends to watch in Europe’s power market in 2021

Energy market research firm Wood Mackenzie presents the five key trends to shape the European power market in 2021.
2021 predictions

Gemserv’s 2021 energy predictions

UK professional services company Gemserv presents its predictions within the energy sector in 2021.
low carbon

Predictions for UK’s low carbon transition in 2021

Commitments by governments and businesses to the low carbon transition will be firmly in the spotlight throughout 2021.

Versinetic’s EV industry predictions for 2021

England-based engineering consultant Versinetic is predicting progress in electric vehicle (EV) adoption and the wider rollout of charging infrastructure in the UK.
2021 predictions

Wood Mackenzie’s top ten predictions for energy in 2021

This article explores the 10 predictions from Wood Mackenzie analysts about what to expect in 2021 and one additional thought for the more distant future:

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