Partnership with Nest helps boost home energy management


Belgium-headquartered multinational energy management solutions firm Smappee has integrated its application with “Works with Nest” ecosystem, to enable homeowners to monitor and control energy consumption via a single app.

This means homeowners can consult and control both the Smappee smart energy monitor and the Nest Learning Thermostat using a single platform.

“This integration has turned the Smappee app into a virtual command center that allows homeowners to control all their smart energy devices and more,” said Stefan Grosjean, CEO of Smappee.

Smappe claims its application helps consumers reduce energy usage and costs by 30%. The solution enable homeowners to identify energy efficiency potentials through access to real time data regarding on-site energy generation, storage and use.

The integrated solution allows households to set gas and water consumption limits. In the event consumers are approaching or exceeds set efficiency goals, the Smappee app will send a notification.

The Nest Learning Thermostat helps homeowners to optimise the efficiency of HVAC systems.

“Our houses are getting smarter and smarter,” added Grosjean. “Smart gas and water management is an important aspect of that. That is why we are so satisfied with our integration with Nest: from now on, our users can tailor their gas and water consumption to their lives. And that means they save a lot of energy, which is great news for the environment and their wallets.”


Featured image: Stock