This week's episode focuses on technologies enabling our energy transition. Smart Energy International's favourite Technology Evangelist Kevin O'Donovan, caught up with Laurent Schmitt, Secretary General of ENTSO-E to have a chat on the ENTSO-E, their Transparency Platform and a bunch of other topics.

Some of the key takeaways include:

  • The role of ENTSO-E
  • The Transparency Platform they launched back in 2015
  • Who is providing this real time data
  • How the data is being used by many different stake holders, including start-ups
  • Their involvement in the Linux Foundation LF Energy Initiative - Open source software for the Energy Transition
  • What they are focused on for the coming 18 months
  • The upcoming InnoGrid 2020+ conference in Brussels in May

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To contact Laurent, get in touch over LinkedIn or Twitter.

To find out more about ENTSO-E, visit their website, or connect via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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