In this episode in our series of Energy Transition Chat videos, Kevin O'Donovan spoke with Bart Majewski, Founder and CEO of Codibly, to have a chat on developing software for the Energy Transition. Based in Kraków, Codibly is a technology consultant and software development company, with 75% of their business in the Energy & Utilities Industry for past 8 years.

Some of the key takeaways include:

  • Delivering ‘Agile & Scrum’ into the ‘traditional’ Energy Industry culture that can be pretty ‘risk adverse’.
  • Dealing with companies who may still be looking to be 100% sure on the technology, the risk, the budget etc before they make any decision.
  • How they keep their customers & themselves internally up to speed on all the new technologies.
  • Why Low code and No code plays into the software development world.
  • Everything is changing - the Industry is getting standardized and the more standardized it is, the easy it gets by taking out the complexity.
  • The career opportunities available to the next generation of software developers.
  • Tackling some of the world’s challenges.

A note from Kevin: " For transparency. I personally selected Codibly to feature on this episode."

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