Grid Watch – NES Security Application

The video provides a high-level overview of the Grid Watch application including its features and benefits. Grid Watch allows utilities to augment its smart meter security infrastructure by adding detection and response capabilities to the utility’s established protection layers.
data centre

The future data centre

Episode Summary Green innovation comes in many forms with endless benefits. Since its foundation in 2011, Cloud&Heat’s mission...

Virtual AUW highlights: Smart metering communication system best for your situation

The African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa session on key considerations in smart grid and metering communication took place on Friday 15 May.
Distributedl intelligence

Sign up for a live virtual tour of Itron’s distributed intelligence...

Real-time distributed intelligence (DI) and grid-fed data insights are more important than ever. Join Itron's exclusive virtual tour of their Distributed Intelligence lab on Thursday 4 June to see DI use cases and applications in real-time.
Machine learning podcast

Succeeding with machine learning and introducing emerging technologies

In this podcast we discuss one example of the 10% that do succeed. Jørn Engberg, project manager ICT Norwegian based NTE, shares...

GEODE discusses the energy sector’s response to COVID-19

Enlit-Europe talks to Carmen Gimeno de la Fuente, secretary-general at GEODE, the association of European gas and electricity independent distribution companies, about the gas, and broader energy sector’s response to COVID-19.

‘Don’t sit on your hands’ – Enlit Europe’s Initiate interview with...

Co-founder of start-up portfolio investment company 98 sparks Gijs de Bruijn, spoke to Enlit Eu-rope’s Director Paddy Young, and Sietske Jacobs, Initiate Global Director, offering vital insights into the energy market for start-ups, advice on surviving current speculation, and where opportunity lies for investors in a post-pandemic, renewables-powered economy.
Asia Energy mix

What will the energy mix for Southeast Asia look like by...

By the end of 2019, around 90% of the power generated in the region came from conventional sources (coal, gas and hydro), while renewables contributed to less than 10%, according to research firm IHS Markit.
data lake

Hybrid data lake architectures for advanced OT analytics at the edge

In this podcast, Kathryn Vince-Odozi and Keith Armstrong from Dell Technologies talk about hybrid and distributed data lake architecture for advanced operational technology (OT) analytics and the the market forces behind the Edge Computing – and break down what it means for utilities.
climate change south asia

7 ways the Trump administration is harming the climate

Seven of the most consequential examples of how Trump has dismantled, rolled back and otherwise weakened efforts to tackle climate change

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