HYDRUS 2.0 – the new generation of ultrasonic water meters

The answer to every challenge

The international markets for water and energy are undergoing radical change, which is being clearly felt by suppliers in Europe. How can they introduce efficiency to their consumption measurements? How can they automate reading and billing? And how can they ensure that they are investing in the right technology? With the new HYDRUS 2.0 generation, Diehl Metering is providing clear answers. From 2018, the innovative ultrasonic water meter will also be available as a bulk water meter.

Climate change, globalisation, and urbanisation: We in the metering world are on the threshold of a new era. Digital data processes are the key to the future of metering. Transparent consumption data is in demand – and needs to be implemented in real time.

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How do you digitalise your processes?

An infrastructure of HYDRUS water meters is perfect as a basis for an automated metering solution. IoT-ready – HYDRUS 2.0 comes ready with high-performance radio. Reading can be carried out immediately and efficiently via drive-by or walk-by. And it can even be upgraded to a fixed network at any time, without the need for parameterisation of individual meters.

Whether smart monitoring and leak detection, optimisation of the distribution network, linking to a smart city concept, automate billing or customer service: when the time comes, Diehl Metering customers can use the HYDRUS 2.0 as a basis for the strategic and modular expansion of their infrastructure and data processes.

Diehl Metering is following a stand-by strategy: HYDRUS 2.0 is equipped with all features that only have to be activated. This provides water and energy suppliers, municipalities and industry a low-threshold introduction to smart metering. As a solutions provider and business enabler, Diehl Metering will be on hand to provide advice and work together with the customer to develop a future-proof business model.

How future-oriented are your investments?

Digitalisation provides us all with great opportunities, but also challenges. Especially as it is not yet clear which technologies and standards will be implemented in the future. That’s why many suppliers are still putting off making the necessary investments.

HYDRUS 2.0 is ready for digitalisation, come what may. High connectivity forms the foundation of the product concept. With OMS 4.0.2 (Open Meter System Specification) and various interfaces, the new HYDRUS is open to other systems and components. Access to the Internet of Things is supplied as standard.

In spite of its openness, HYDRUS 2.0 provides very high data security: it fulfils all of the requirements set out by the BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik – German Federal Office for Internet Security) and is therefore at the highest of international levels. Diehl Metering solutions are of course certified according to ISO 27001

HYDRUS 2.0 ultrasonic water meters
Image 1: The new generation of HYDRUS 2.0 ultrasonic water meters is ready for the Internet of Things and smart metering.

How do you overcome challenges?

HYDRUS 2.0 is ready for any challenge. Revolutionary ultrasonic technology carries out precise, dynamic measurements with long-term stability – for lowest and highest flow rates. Robust construction, self-cleaning transducers and fully potted electronics protect against sand and dirt, UV radiation, moisture and flooding. That’s why HYDRUS is the first choice for system projects all over the world – especially where water is scarce and precious.

With a battery life of up to 16 years, HYDRUS stays maintenance-free for long after the calibration period. The housing and lithium battery are recyclable. The extended HYDRUS series ranges from DN 15 to DN 300. Thanks to the dynamic measuring range, water suppliers have to keep only a few variants in stock.

Image 2: Free flow without moving parts: For the first time ever, the legendary HYDRUS technology is now also available as a bulk water meter.

How can you make a bestseller even better?

The HYDRUS water meter is one of Diehl Metering’s best sellers. Its legendary ultrasonic technology was developed in-house and continuously optimised over the years. Two million of the first HYDRUS generation are currently in use across the globe. With the HYDRUS 2.0, Diehl Metering has fundamentally revised this successful concept.

Among other things, the dynamic measuring range. Instead of just one, there are now two ultrasonic measuring distances for the highest possible precision. The design and materials were improved, making it even more robust against environmental conditions. All in all, the HYDRUS 2.0 was tailored to meet the current challenges faced by international water and energy industries. And now there is also a bulk water meter based on the same technology.

The HYDRUS 2.0 family will be available from April 2018.

*Information provided by Diehl Metering GmbH