Live recording – Q&A: Smart Cities and the utilities that enable them


Your questions during our “Smart Cities and the utilities that power them” webinar deserved more than a 30 second answer – they held potential for high-value insights that deserved a session on its own.

Our Live Q&A provided exactly that – the insights you need from the front-runners to map future smart cities, and it’s now available On-Demand.

The Q&A webinar offered insights into the ways utilities are building the cities of the future, and where new technologies are intersecting with old and delivering real results.

We unpacked how rapid digitalisation is impacting the grid, as well as the architecture, energy and intelligence needed to make it work in a more complex, connected environment.

We also explored how best to satisfy customer demands, integrate legacy infrastructure with modern technology and maximise the lessons learned from early adopters.

Key topics:

E-mobility: The importance of developing the right kind of electric mobility infrastructure for both city and utility needs

Communication: A strong communication network and platform is key to integrating multiple devices, services and bandwidth requirements into the city of the future – what are the elements which will support these?

Street lighting: Discover how smart lighting is cutting costs and improving efficiency in smart cities around the world.


  • Didier Cuaz, Head of Mission Development and Communication, Enedis
  • Okechukwu Chika, Principal Project Manager, ComEd Smart Grid Department
  • Sara Filipponi, Grid Application Lead, Smart Grid Division, Siemens (representing Europe’s Sharing Cities Programme)

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Future Cities Track at African Utility Week

As the new addition to African Utility Week’s and POWERGEN Africa’s conference tracks, Future Cities will look at Africa’s current urban living challenges and ask: What is needed for the cities of tomorrow and who will be leading the way?

The conference will bring together city leaders, developers, regulators and the banking sector to prospect best practices and high-tech solutions for smart city realisation needs.

The audience for Future Cities will be composed mostly of large power users, utilities, national governments, disruptive technology companies, and services companies.

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