smart grid

Video: How smart grids enable utilities to become better service providers

Yackov Dar, managing director of PCMA, uses the example of smart grid technology enabling utilities to notify customers of an outage ahead of time,...
water texas

Prepaid meters and penetration within Southern Africa’s water sector

Peter Rodseth, managing director of Utility Systems, spoke with Nicolette Pombo-van Zyl, editor of ESI-Africa, our sister publication, to share his insights regarding water...

Video: Conlog launch X-Range meters

Experience Conlog's exciting product launch from African Utility Week 2018.

Exclusive video interview with Conlog at African Utility Week 2018

On day 3 of African Utility Week we bring you an exclusive interview with Conlog

Watch: World Smart Energy Week opening ceremony

The 2018 World Smart Energy Week kicked off in Japan on Wednesday. Watch the opening ceremony - including the English translation.  In its 14th edition,...

OMNETRIC planning and outage intelligence with KELAG

OMNETRIC Group's planning and outage intelligence Mindapp uses historic outage, maintenance, GIS and a wide range of internal and external data to develop algorithms used...
Prime Alliance

PRIME Alliance Security Movie

Security functionality in PRIME has been engineered to the needs of the technology adopters and PRIME v1.4 specifications include state-of-the-art cryptographic protection mechanisms at MAC Layer, enabling deployment of a PLC network that is secure.

Metering & Smart Energy International Magazine

This, our annual European focused edition, is the biggest edition of Metering & Smart Energy International ever produced. This is quite a milestone and...

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