Podcast episode #6: Accelerating smart metering with revolutionary IoT eSIM

The demand for smart meters is expected to grow by more than $8.5 billion in five years. To reach this number of installations, smart meter vendors need to take advantage of the latest industry breakthroughs to ensure 24/7 reliable connectivity.

In this episode, Petri Ounila, Director of IoT Devices at Aidon and Francis D´Souza, VP Strategy & Marketing for Analytics and IoT Solutions at Thales discuss the latest industry breakthroughs in cellular connectivity. They focus on how cellular innovations simplify daily operations for smart meter vendors, grid managers and DSOs. Most importantly, they will also share their experience with the new, revolutionary IoT eSIM.

This episode is brought to you in partnership with Thales and Aidon.


Petri Ounila | Direct IoT Devices |Aidon

Francis D´Souza | VP Strategy & Marketing for Analytics and IoT Solutions | Thales


Claire Volkwyn | Editor| Smart Energy International

Music by NSAT

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