Podcast #2: How has the energy sector changed in the last 10 years? Reflections from close observers.


The past decade has been one of the most exciting in the history of electric power. Globally, the power and utility sectors have evolved at unprecedented speed. This is thanks to the emergence, and rapidly, the prominence of new technologies and innovation – from generation to the end consumer. We’ve also seen a major shift in how we view the sector, and its function in modern life.

In this episode of the Smart Energy International podcast, we reflect on the past decade and discuss how the sector has grown from four perspectives: generation, innovation, communication and the consumer.

Join us as the editors from Smart Energy International, Power Engineering International, the event director of Enlit Europe and leader from Clarion Energy’s US office, share their experiences and insights, having walked the journey with the sector for the last ten years and more.


Claire Volkwyn | Editor-at-large| Smart Energy International

Kelvin Ross | Head of Content Strategy for Enlit Europe and the editor-in-chief for Power Engineering International and Smart Energy International

Paddy Young |Event Director l Enlit Europe

Teresa Hansen |Vice President, Content l Clarion Energy

Host: Philip Gordon | Staff writer Smart Energy International

Music by NSAT